Octodec Empowers Young Communities with complimentary access to Online Reading Platform Kibooks

Octodec Investments Limited takes immense pride in its commitment to transforming inner cities in Gauteng and uplifting surrounding communities through various empowerment initiatives for tenants. Since 2022, Octodec has been providing complimentary access to Kibooks, an online reading platform, as part of its efforts to empower young readers residing in its buildings.

This online reading platform, accessible through Octodec’s free Wi-Fi for tenants, serves as a digital pocket library, offering over 6,000 titles in South Africa’s 11 official languages. The primary goal is to foster a culture of literacy and learning among children in Octodec’s communities.

Octodec views Kibooks as an educational tool that can supplement traditional learning methods, creating a stimulating environment for children that reside at its properties. The platform’s interactive features and diverse content aim to bridge educational gaps and provide additional resources to enhance literacy skills. The diverse language options of Kibooks reflect the cultural diversity of inner-city spaces like the Pretoria and Johannesburg CBDs, ensuring children see themselves represented in the stories they read.

“In a world driven by continuous progress, literacy stands as the cornerstone of personal and societal development. Initiatives like Kibooks are crucial because they address a fundamental need — the need for accessible, diverse, and engaging educational resources. By fostering a culture of reading, Octodec contributes not only to individual development but also to the collective growth of the community,” said Lisa Carne, Head of Sustainability.

Recognising the importance of parental engagement in children’s education, Kibooks, with its user-friendly interface, serves as a tool for parents to actively participate in their child’s learning journey. Octodec has initiated a communication campaign to ensure that every family in its buildings is aware of the initiative, encouraging them to make use of Kibooks for the benefit of their children’s education and enjoyment.

Matshwane Molomo, a resident, shared, “My child enjoys Kibooks. Reading is becoming as easy as 1-2-3. She can independently navigate the app to explore various topics, stories, and subjects available on the Kibooks platform, and I value this added service. As a parent, I appreciate the importance of reading – if your child can read well, it’s easy to learn. Reading is an indispensable skill and enriches children’s lives.”

In a further demonstration of its commitment to community development, Octodec has extended access to Kibooks to its employees, promoting a shared passion for reading and continuous learning. This initiative contributes to creating a workplace culture that values knowledge and growth, attracting businesses to the area, fostering economic growth and stability.

Octodec remains dedicated to its principles of sustainable and responsible investing in the inner city, aiming to create thriving and empowered communities.