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Social and Environmental Impact

Minimising Environmental Impact

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Octodec actively participates in urban regeneration. We invest in sustainable property solutions and employ our unique understanding of the CBD nodes to engage with inner city communities to maintain dignified spaces.

While it is critical for long term value creation for investors, shareholders, employees, and all our stakeholders, it is more importantly a social and moral imperative.

Our focus is on ensuring customers based in the Tshwane and Johannesburg CBDs have access to a broad range of residential accommodation, office space and affordable products and services.

At the core of our purpose is affordable accommodation in well-managed and maintained spaces and it is encouraging to see the meaningful impact we’ve had on our immediate communities and broader society.

Sustainability will remain a key priority over the medium to long term, focusing on initiatives we believe we can contribute the most to and on which we can make the most significant impact.

Social and Environmental Impact

Octodec supports a better social fabric by assisting communities in need with meaningful initiatives by providing free rental space to selected, non-profit organisations (NPOs).

Octodec aspires to create value beyond financial return. We recognise that our efforts make a difference in people’s lives, their communities, and the areas in which we operate. We want to support long-term, sustainable returns.

Our Focuses Include:

Our People

Creating employment stability and investing in mentoring development and wellness

Social Investment

Assisting communities in need around the areas in which we operate

Social Development

Activities include urban regeneration and entrepreneur development to promote local economic growth

Minimising Environmental Impact

Across our portfolio, we are focused on managing resource efficiencies by implementing sustainable options for waste management and recycling.

Octodec proactively monitors and seeks to reduce energy consumption through innovative technology and strong management. We implement sustainable options for waste management and recycling through our waste management partners.

In terms of waste management and recycling, our waste to energy initiatives represent longer-term, more sustainable options to reduce waste to landfills. Our goal is to increase recyclable waste and reduce general waste.

Developing our Suppliers

Octodec sponsors individuals selected from our existing supplier network and other businesses in a variety of industries to join the comprehensive Enterprise and Supplier Development initiative.

Accelerating our supply chain’s business success

Entrepreneurship is a vital component to South Africa’s economic potential. Successful entrepreneurs drive community development and social change, and make a significant contribution to the economy. Unfortunately, many small businesses fail to take off and sustain growth. Despite a creative and ambitious pool of entrepreneurial talent in our country, there is a need for support in the form of skills development and practical business mentorship to sustain small businesses with potential. A strong entrepreneurial ecosystem among Octodec’s supplier community and in a variety of industries in our strategic nodes stimulates local economies. The commercial success of these businesses requires more than good ideas. It requires intensive and accelerated training in the form of improving sales and marketing, and business, financial and people management. Read more in our 2021 Integrated Report