Company Overview

Octodec is a JSE-listed Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with a well-balanced portfolio of quality residential and commercial buildings. Our mixed-use spaces create convenient community areas for our tenants, and our geographic concentration generates economies of scale and efficiencies for Octodec.

Company Profile

Our well-managed properties and buildings serve as an ecosystem of residents, students, office workers, shop owners, shoppers, and entrepreneurs. This provides a mutually beneficial and dynamic economic environment for our tenants to thrive.

Leadership Team

Our long-standing non-executive directors provide the board with valuable insight and perspective across the South African economic environment, and more particularly across the property and financial sectors.

Ethics and Corporate Governance

Our governance framework is informed by principles of conducting business ethically, transparency
accountability and sustainability. The governance framework undergoes regular evaluations to ensure that the board demonstrates effective and ethical leadership, operates as a responsible corporate citizen, and makes decisions that promote the long-term sustainability of the business.


Our vision is to innovate and create sustainable economic value through our investment in a multi-sector property portfolio.

Our Portfolio

We are invested in the needs of the communities we serve, and we work with them toward a visionary future. By transforming buildings, we positively impact on people’s lives and create thriving community ecosystems where people aspire to live, work, shop, and play. Our offices, apartments, retail spaces and warehouses are fit-for-purpose, eco-friendly, and modern.

We create the cities of tomorrow, today.

Our Portfolio

We want to create a thriving inner-city environment that serves the everyday person. We aim to cultivate and build a flourishing ecosystem of residents, small shop owners, professionals, government employees, students and entrepreneurs. Octodec is invested in strategic nodes within and surrounding the Tshwane and Johannesburg CBDs. Our diverse portfolio consists of residential, retail, office and industrial properties.

Investor Information

Our approach to stakeholder engagement is centred around collaboration and working together with Stakeholders to promote the success of our cities and surrounding urban areas.

Incorporating engagement into our value creation process, we prioritise open and transparent communication, actively considering all concerns and opportunities raised to foster more meaningful interactions.

We communicate with our investors through pre-close, interim, and annual results presentations, which are available as webinars on our website. We also attend one-on-one meetings with our investors. We encourage our investors to join us on our CBD tours, providing them with the opportunity to see our properties first-hand and gain a deeper understanding of our operations.



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