Octodec and Cotlands Launch Kamane Educare Centre

A R1.3 million partnership set to transform Early Childhood Development (ECD) for residents and community members in Tshwane

Tuesday, 6 February 2024 – JSE-listed REIT, Octodec Investments Limited, in collaboration with its long-standing social impact partner in Early Childhood Development (ECD), Cotlands, is proud to announce the launch of the Kamane Educare Centre, a transformative ECD facility in Tshwane. This initiative underscores Octodec’s long-standing commitment to enhancing the inner-city residential quality of life and actively supporting community welfare.

Cotlands, a highly respected non-profit organisation with an 87-year track record of successfully delivering on early learning initiatives that serve vulnerable children, says that 90% of a child’s brain development occurs within the first five years of life. Children who experience high-quality play-based early learning opportunities during the first five years of life have the advantage of acquiring holistic skills needed to succeed in school, employment, and later life.

Kamane Educare Centre officially opened in January 2024 and addresses the pressing need for accessible, high-quality services in Tshwane’s residential areas. It provides a Cotlands early learning playgroup programme, comprising of annual lesson plans linked to the National Curriculum Framework birth to 4, tailored to nurture young children’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. To ensure quality play-based lessons, the ECD practitioner has also received accredited online training through Cotlands Ignite®.  Moreover, the Centre extends its services to school-going children, offering aftercare in a nurturing and educational environment.

Lisa Carne, Head of Sustainability at City Property said, “This partnership is vitally important to us as it holistically integrates the development of our surrounding community. We are investing in this Centre for the benefit of the children and families and contributing to our communities’ overall well-being and vitality. Our investment in the Kamane Educare Centre promotes accessibility, supports working families, and facilitates early childhood development while breaking the cycle of poverty and fostering community cohesion.”

With an investment of R1.3 million, Octodec’s property management arm, City Property, played a crucial role in overseeing the comprehensive renovation of Pete’s Place to establish the newly created Kamane Educare Centre. Every aspect of the facility is meticulously designed to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and enriching environment for children. Notable features include a dedicated sick bay, educational play areas, classrooms, sleeping areas with bathrooms tailored for minors, and a kitchen to make nutritious meals.

Beyond the physical enhancements, Octodec’s support for the Kamane Educare Centre aligns with its dedication to enterprise development and community empowerment. Annah Gumbi, a Cotlands-trained regional manager, is the proud owner of the Centre, which currently employs five professionals and Cotlands-accredited staff members and cares for 16 young students.

“We deeply appreciate the chance to establish a quality ECD Centre. It’s not just about delivering quality education but crafting a nurturing and practical environment. Parents are astonished at how we’ve turned this dream into reality. Unlike many ECDs in makeshift spaces around the CBD, this partnership has enabled us to redefine what a true home, safety, and convenience mean for our children,” said Gumbi.

In an exciting development, the Centre will soon introduce a toy library, facilitating educational toy exchanges among residents and neighbouring ECD centres. Octodec’s staff has eagerly embraced this initiative, with many volunteering to contribute pre-loved educational toys.

The long-standing partnership between Octodec and Cotlands extends beyond the Kamane Educare Centre. Octodec has historically provided free rent to Cotlands’ Head Office, while City Property actively supports a community skills development programme, focusing on Cotlands-accredited teacher training. Furthermore, Octodec champions ECD learnerships through its POP-UP program, contributing to youth upskilling and empowerment.